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The Nation's Best Publication For Autographed Sports Memorabilia: Sweet Spot

By: | Posted on Monday, October 20th 2014 @ 09:31:39 PM

Over the past two months, I've been working with Charles Kaufman of Kaufman Communications to help design and development The website is a sport memorabilia website that stays up to date on baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and other sports that contain valuable memorabilia. At the moment of this blog post, you may be able to browse different articles and posts on your favorite sport, but this is only for a limited time! After Sw {...}


MyChesmar, and Neguse!

By: | Posted on Sunday, September 14th 2014 @ 12:42:08 PM

I'm currently in for another semester at Texas State University! Life as a senior doesn't seem to be easier, however. I've had more homework per week than I've had ever before. This means I've had also less time to program and work on music. Still, I've been able to produce a new remix today, and finish developing a website for the client. See below:

MyChesmar: I've finished developing a website for Chesmar Homes. It's a website that showcases the division of Riata Hom {...}


New Music, New Sites

By: | Posted on Sunday, August 24th 2014 @ 07:41:21 PM

I am massively into electronic music. But not in the way where you will see me at a rave concert with neon glow sticks, but in a way where I just get chills every time I listen to the new Porter Robinson album.

This passion began modestly when I was around 12 years old and started listening to Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory. Before that album, I never knew about all of the magic that existed with digital sound. After that {...}


New Virtual Host Problems

By: | Posted on Sunday, August 3rd 2014 @ 06:08:55 PM

I finished the Codeup web development bootcamp last Thursday. To say that I'm I'm extremely excited to continue on personal projects would be a huge understatement. However, I've run into a problem early into the setup stage and I've been stuck here for days.

I can't figure out how to create a new virtual host.

My goal at the moment is to create a site for my father who sells homes for a builder. We talked about getting a site for him for a long time and I'm ready to build one {...}



By: | Posted on Friday, July 25th 2014 @ 07:47:57 PM

Thank you so much for supporting my music over the years. Today I'm officially relaunching my music project under a new moniker for better branding and identification, since I'll be using my real name for my future career as a web developer.

I’ll be producing music under the name Covo from now on.

If you want to follow me in my musical adventures, I would really appreciate it if you liked the page. It truly means a lot to m {...}


Disregard Indecision, Acquire Experience

By: | Posted on Tuesday, July 22nd 2014 @ 07:47:24 AM

Starting to get back into graphic design. A few reasons for this:

Hiring designers is expensive Graphic design is a valuable skill set I want creative control

My goal is to become proficient enough to where I can design almost as well as I produce and compose music. This can definitely benefit my goal of becoming a frontend developer as well.

Most of this practice is redesigning album artwork for my musical project CoVo. I’ {...}


#3DSArts: Noiiz.Net

By: | Posted on Saturday, July 12th 2014 @ 08:51:34 AM

I am excited to be participating in 3DayStartup this weekend. 3DS is an organization that helps teams start a technology company over the course of three days (see picture for my current workspace!). The organization also caters food and drinks, invites top-notch entrepreneurs and investors, picks the best ideas for startups during the day 1 brainstorming session, and helps release a minimal prototype by the evening of day 3.

I'm on {...}


Sparking the Web Dev Flame

By: | Posted on Friday, July 11th 2014 @ 04:49:20 PM

In late April, I had spent an afternoon planning my summer class schedule at Texas State University. This schedule had to be well-defined, ensuring I would have enough time to commute to San Marcos in the morning then drive back to San Antonio for my day job. It was a painstaking process, but I had finally cultivated the perfect schedule to fit my needs. However, the morning I learned about Codeup, I dropped all of the summer courses, scaled back the work hours, and enrolled immediately.



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