In nature, some species have some appalling lives. Like forager bees, for example. They live for about a month, and spend most of their life doing backbreaking labor for their hive. They continue working until they die on the spot. For some reason, I find that really inspiring.


In other news, I’m working on an intro for the Pissed Off Players Podcast. Going for a chiptune/rock/mid-to-fast-tempo type of track. It’s different from my usual productions and I’m having a whole lot of fun with it.

Also working on some other music for other projects and it’s causing me to really think outside of the box. Absolutely love it.


Been rocking to this remix all week. 


Home Sweet Home

Just touched down into my bedroom after an extraordinary adventure in San Francisco. Ready to unpack and get back to work.

Time to sort through some biz cards!


GDC: Day -2

Arrived in San Francisco at about 10:10 a.m. and I think I’m already in love with this place. I never expected San Francisco to be this beautiful. 

My hotel location is killer, just a few blocks away from where I’ll be working for the next 6 days. 

So far, I spent the day sight-seeing around downtown and snapping photos like my life depended on it. Most of them were on the Canon, but here is a quick one taken from the iPhone.

I’ll share a lot more when I take out my DSLR’s SIM card and put it on the computer. Waiting for a massive pic haul before doing so.

This city is perfect for longboarding, and yet I haven’t run into a single person with one. Thinking about visiting DLXSF and finally buying one for myself. We’ll see if I got through with that. 

Tomorrow is my first shift. Excited!


Destination: GDC

I’m hardly able to sleep tonight because in a few hours, I’ll be checking into the counter at the Austin International Airport and heading towards San Francisco for the Game Developer’s Conference.

These last few months have been a magnificent dream. I am extremely thankful to have been selected to become a Game Developer Conference Associate at GDC, which enabled me to receive an All-Access pass for free this year. I plan on spending every second of free time attending panels while taking in the California air.

I have never actually visited California before, and rarely traveled out-of-state. This is going to be a whole new experience. Good thing I’m bringing the DSLR.

Although they are a handful of opportunities and amazing events unfolding in the next few days in the Moscone Center, the main reason I am attending this conference is build networks in the video game industry. 

I want to compose music for the rest of my life. There is nothing I am more passionate about. While I know this will be a difficult journey, I am eager to begin and learn along the way.

I plan on returning next Saturday with a fresh mindset, and a clear direction on what to pursue in order to make this dream a reality. 

Thank you!



Web Development

as a hobby and career is becoming increasingly attractive. Initially, I was going to shoot for a computer-related or programming-focused occupation after I graduated from Texas State, and it looks like web development is going to be the pick. 

The big deal-sealer is the fact that the career field is very-in demand, which surprised me. I love doing it so much that I automatically assumed the career would be flooded and hard to get into. Just like music, studio production, photography, etc.

If anything, this would be a perfect day-job to fuel the funds for my music dreams…

Brb, building web building portfolio.



Most of the time when we think of the future, we see ourselves as happy. For me, I see myself graduated from college and working full-time as a composer. I sure can’t wait for this!

There’s not enough time in the day to take on all of the projects I want to do.

  • Take 1000 photos with my DSLR camera
  • Get into interior design
  • shoot film
  • Play Mozart on piano
  • play a show
  • design websites
  • program a video game
  • program an app

As soon as I graduate from college, I am making a promise to myself that I will remain as busy as I currently am. It’s never okay for me to feel unproductive. 


2-17-14: Big Intentions

Obligatory it’s-been-awhile-since-I-text-posted sentence.

College has begun once more, and my production director duties at the college radio station have dominated the majority of my weekdays. 18-credit hours plug into any loose time and the weekends are still filled with working at the library.

And as usual, I’m in heaven. Texas State University is heaven. I never knew what to do with myself when I had free time and I’m enjoying the constant productivity.

I am also satisfied to announce that this has not hindered my music-making time too much. Bigger and better tracks are coming your way, I promise. If you weren’t already aware, I even released a new song on February 7th, Cash For Anonymous Tips which you can listen to and download-for-free right here

But I’m working on something bigger now. Something can I could never do alone. If you used to listen to my music when I used to create electronic-pop under the moniker “iScream” you will definitely enjoy this new project that’s in development. I refuse to say more on the subject in fear of talking about it will somehow cause me to delay it’s forthcoming.. But make no mistake. It’s going to be huge.



I'm Josue. Game Composer,
Texas State student,
Electronic Dance Musician,
KTSW 89.9FM Production Director,

New song from my side project "Ex Gratia." You can listen to it here!

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